British Open Championship – Part 2

The second weekend of the British Open was again held in Cowes from the RYS line. Generally a really lovely regatta spread over the two weekends combined with the 8mRs. There were some beautiful boats on show and good racing for both fleets. Excellent courses over both weekends with a nice mixture of windward / leeward.

With the second weekend now very close to midsummer, Solent courses were set with very strong tides running near the full moon that produced a different set of challenges for the sailors. Close racing with lots of changes in positions, particularly on the Sunday with navigation through the tides & eddies proving crucial in the light breezes. Local knowledge paid off with boats virtually sailing the tide! Congratulations to St. Kitts (moderns) and Sioma (classics) for their overall regatta victories (see overall results below).

Great support as ever from the RYS race team and we hope the race officers enjoyed it to. Great support from Peter Scott and his team with their rib support from the RYS Haven. In summary a great event which we plan to continue next year and build on from in 2020. Our collective challenge is to get more boats and/or new owners in to keep the fleet competitive & building.

Click here for results

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