SWE 119 Rebecca

Rebecca was originally named ‘Gotcha’ and designed by Pelle Petterson in 1988 for his nephew, who in collaboration with Lundh Sails owned and raced her at Gothenburg.  In 1991, now renamed Fraga Lund and owned by Forsberg, she finished 28th in the Worlds at Maarstrand.  Her next owner at Gothenburg was Malte Roggentin who in collaboration with sail loft Henrik Ottosson (which became Quantum), renamed her Rebecca, finishing 6th in the 2002 Europeans at Rungstedt.  She had been being sailed in Gothenburg by various teams.  Since then, when the class died in Gothenburg, she was bought by her present owner Johan H. Larsen, who has now owned her since 2006 when he brought her to Stockholm. Since then she has been steadily upgraded, with new keel and rudders designed by Ian Howlett.  The latest keel was fitted n 2013 and is probably keel number four!

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