SWE 114 Notorius

Notorius was designed by Peter Norlin and built by Jansson & Zarins, Koping in 1986 and initially  based in Stockholm.  First owned by Jorgen Sundelin she finished second out of 23 entries in the World Cup held at the Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club at Oyster Bay, New York. At the heavy weather European Championships at Falmouth in 1988 she finished 3rd, and sixth in the preceding British Championships. She also went to the Spirit of St. Kitts Six-Metre Regatta held in heavy weather in February 1989, where she finished third.  By this time owned by Carl-Gustav Piehl of the KSSS, she finished 13th out of 37 in the 1991 Worlds held at Maarstrand, but in 1995 they won the World Cup at Sandhamn.  In 1996 she finished 2nd in the European Championships at Cannes and in 1997 finished 7th in the World Cup at Cannes.  However in 2000 she then came third in the Europeans at St. Tropez.  In 2003, she won the Worlds at St. Tropez, and again next year won at the 2004 European Championships at Porto Rotondo.  However in 2005 she only finished 12th in the Worlds at Sandhamn.

In the 2013 Worlds at Flensburg, owned by Claes Henningsson, she finished 8th out of 11.

The Europeans at Falmouth in 2014 were cancelled due to light weather, but in the preceding British Championships she finished 7th out of 11.

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