SUI91 Irene (ex S91)

Pelle Petterson’s first Six and a most interesting boat as she broke the mould of all the previous US designed boats, which in effect, with only competition from Tore Holm, had dominated the World since 1931.  When she arrived at the 1977 Six-Metre World Cup at Marstrand, she was dismissed by the US owners as “by far the most extreme boat in the Regatta with regard to working the hull shape around the measurement points at the end of the waterline,  She has really unnatural lines to trick the rule.”  She won in the lighter airs as one would expect with a small boat with resultantly large sail area and helmed by Pelle Petterson, and despite predominantly heavy airs, she in fact won quite comfortably.  Helmed by Philippe Durr she then took part in the 1983 Six- Metre World Cup at Newport Harbour in Southern California finishing 7th in a predominantly heavy weather regatta.  In 1993 helmed by Michel Voucher she finished 11th out of 24 at the World Championships at Cannes

Since then and up until 2010, she has been based on and raced on Lac Leman, where she has always done well, especially in lighter weather.  Indeed at the European Championships at Brunnen she finished 6th out of 12, showing that she still has good form and potential. As a Vintage Modern she qualifies for the Nelson Trophy presented by Don Wood.

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