S 15 Carmela

Carmela was designed by the great Gustaf Estlander and built by Plyms varv at Neglinge, Sweden.  Nothing is known about her early life until she was discovered by Walter Kuhlmann   and Thilo Durach at Mats Aaronson’s wharf near Stockholm, who took her to Germany.  Over the next three years she was stripped down and restored retaining as much of the original as possible.  Advised by Peter Norlin, her rig was modernised with the mast moved aft.  Her first day out on trial, was in 30 knots of wind at the Europeans at Nynashamn in 2012, but they successfully finished the regatta.  At the Robbe & Berking Worlds at Flensburg they improved their position and are very much looking forward to doing even better at Falmouth.

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