GER59 – Aida

‘GER 59 ‘Aida’ was originally designed and built by Bjarne Aas in 1936 for Halvor Mustad of Oslo as N 62, and named ‘Wiking’, as a potential Norwegian entry for the Kiel Olympic Regatta.  However, she was not selected, being beaten in their trials by her sister boat, N 61 Lully II with Magnus Konow, who won the Silver Medal.

She subsequently went through several owners and names –Morena, Gemma II, Mukhan and Ram II, but by 1951, still based in Oslo, she had been re-named Aida and was owned by C.F. Hoyrup.  By 1956 however, when she was taken off Lloyds Register of Yachts, she had been sold to Denmark and re-numbered D 59.

Subsequently, at some unknown date she was sold to Germany where, re-numbered GER 59, she was beautifully restored by Bjoerne Storsberg.

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