GER 118 Courage IX

Originally named ‘Octanova’ and numbered, S 118, Courage was designed by Pelle Petterson and built by Batbyggarna Ab, Ronning in 1988 and is thus a sister to Rebecca.  She is one of the four boats built to Pelle’s designs that year.  In 1991, re-named Sexa Nova and owned by Johansson of GKSS, she finished third in the Worlds at Maarstrand.  By 1993, renamed and now numbered SWE 118 Marstrand 95 and owned by Thomas Haraldson, she finished 15th out of 24 in the World Championships at Cannes that year.  In the early 2000s she was bought by Dietrich Gruenau, re-numbered GER 118 and re-named Courage IX, one of his long series of Sixes named Courage.  Helmed by Alba Batzill, they won the 2005 Worlds at Sandhamn; in 2006 won the European Championships at Flensburg; finished 3rd in the 2007 Worlds at Cowes and the next year won the 2008 European Championships at La Trinite  In the 2013 Worlds at Flensburg they finished 3rd..   One of the most successful of modern Sixes.

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