GBR100 Cream (ex Irene, Bagheera and Asterix)

Originally S 97 Irene II, a Pelle Peterson 1979 boat which formed the basis for his next four boats, including Z 77 ‘Fleau’ (now Junior), Irene (III), Arunga and Phillippa.  As Irene (II) she won the 1979 Worlds and the 1980 Europeans at Geneva.  Sold to the Penthier family at near Benodet in Brittany,France she became Bagheera (after the panther in the Jungle Book) and was kept and raced at Benodet, South Brittany.  In 1996 Rupert Street brought her to Cowes, numbered her GBR 100, and raced her at Cannes’ 1997 Worlds and 1998 Europeans at Cowes.  She was then laid up at theNewport, I of W, Maritime Museum until about 2004, when she was fully modernised on the advice of Ian Howlett, with the first long rudder to be fitted with wings.   Later sold to Don Wood, Don updated her further then sold her on.  Her new owner took part in the 2007 Worlds and should have finished in the top six.  Brian Pope bought her and fully renovated her, together with Andy Postleracing her in a top class fleet at La Trinite, and showing that she is well capable of winning the Worlds again. Short with a big sail area, she therefore needs to be sailed more like a big dinghy.


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