GBR 88 St Kitts

Designed by Ian Howlett and built by the Elephant Boatyard on the Hamble, for Philip Walwyn.  Her first outing was the British Championships in 1987 and she won the last race of the Seawanhaka World Cup where she was widely regarded as the fastest Six in the fleet. She went on to win the 1988 Europeans at Falmouth, before being sold to Italy, where as Tazio she was numbered I 75 and was fitted with a Howlett canard arrangement as per “Nivola” which won the World Cup at Cannes in 1993.  After the Bassanis left Six Metre racing she was laid up until 2009 when she was bought back to England by Robin Richardson, the current BISMA Chairman, and was fitted with the latest generation of Howlett keels at The Elephant Boatyard.

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