GBR 57 Erica

Designed and built by Camper & Nicholson in 1938 for Ronald Teacher (of Teacher’s Whisky) of Rhu on the Clyde, especially for the British-America Cup Races that year.  The trophy was won by the US who won the first four races with Erica, which did not seem to like the conditions, not doing very well.  After the war she appeared occasionally on the Clyde before being sold to the US, where she eventually ended up owned by Scott Rohrer in Seattle, who had her in a small maritime museum he ran and had kept her entirely original.  Bought and brought back to England by Richard Bond on 2001, she only just in time to be re-furbished enough by the Webb Brothers, to take part in the RSrnYC Metre Boat Regatta that summer.  Later she was restored more thoroughly by Brian Pope at Penpol after which Richard Bond finished 6th in the 2003 Worlds at St. Tropez, really her best ever international performance up to then.  Established as a very fast boat, she was sold to Peter Andreae who finished 7th in the 2007 Worlds at Cowes; 5th in the Europeans at La Trinite in 2008 and with Robert Laird helming, finished 4th in the 2010 Europeans at Brunnen, Switzerland.

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