CAN111 Blade (ex GBR 87 Blade; S 127, GBR111 Blade Runner)

Designed by Ian Howlett and built as Blade (painted light green) in 1986 for Larry Marks .  After finishing by the Elephant Boatyard she was Kirlo’s principal competitor in the 1987 British Championships and was 7th in the Europeans at Falmouth in 1988.  Subsequently sold to Ahlstrom in Sweden and numbered S127. In 2005 she finished 22nd at Sandhamn in the World Cup, subsequently being bought back to England by Avia Willment, who renamed her Blade Runner and re-numbered her GBR 111.  She is currently owned by Brian Pope and Andy Postle and chartered by Rainer Muller from Canada who will be racing under sail number CAN111.

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