FRA85 Eole II

It seems definite that Eole II began life as K 55 Farida a 1938 Camper & Nicholson, one of their four boats built that year, and sister to Erica.  However, what happened then seems a slight mystery.  She was originally built for a Mr. G. Glynn Terrell, especially for the British-American Trophy Team and in 1938 did well in the Trials at Burnham, finishing third out of six.  However she broke her mast there and thereafter disappears from the British Fleet.  Moreover, her sail number K 55 was almost immediately re-allocated to Circe.

Certainly by 1939 she was no longer listed in the British Fleet and it would seem that she may already have been sold to a M. Piquerez, renumbered F 85 and re-named Eole III.  Certainly in 1946 she was owned by a M. Peguin and based in Cannes.  By 1951, still in Cannes, she was owned by M. Bouchera, also of Cannes.  From some time since then she has been based in Marseille for more than forty years.  Owned in 1985 by a M. J. Ghiglioe she took part in the 1985 World Cup there and also took part the 2000 Europeans at St. Tropez.

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