FRA105 May Be VII (ex Elghi III)

One of the three or four fastest pre-1965 European designed Sixes, May Be VIII was designed by Tore Holm for Sven Salen as S64 and built at Gamleby in 1954.  Sven Salen surprisingly does not appear to have been very successful in her, so in 1959 she was sold to M. Meunier de Houssoy, who renamed her Elghi III (F105) and in her won the One Ton Cup in 1960, 61 and 62. In about 1968 she was sold to Geneva and renamed Kim III.  She was then purchased by Francois Beck who returned to her original name and took part in the 1980 Europeans at Geneva, where she finished 4th beating four Moderns.  He also won the Geneva Fleet Annual Series, after which he was elected Fleet Captain.  In 1988 he eventually sold her to M. Andre Chaudoye who took her to regattas at Cannes and after taking part the first British Open Championships at Benodet in 1992,  has looked after her lovingly ever since; in 2003 finishing 8th in the Worlds at St. Tropez and winning the Coupe de la Mediterranee.


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