FRA 111 Dix Aout (ex Z 31 Boree III; Kim X)

Designed and built by Bjarne Aas in 1950 for Pierre Bigar of Geneva.  Bought from de Baecque in 1998 by Pierre-Paul Heckly to replace his Astree II which had been very seriously damaged by sinking in 1997 at Cannes.   Since then with her, Pierre-Paul has become arguably the most successful French Six-Metre sailor, coming second in the 2003 Worlds at St. Tropez, and 5th in the 2007 Worlds at Cowes; 2nd in the 2004 Classic Europeans at Porto Rotondo; 6th in the 2008 Europeans at La Trinite and 5th in the 2010 Europeans at Brunnen.


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