Finding A Measurer

Owners and competitors will need to make sure that their boats have a valid measurement certificate and all their sails are measured before the start of a European Championship or World Cup organised by ISMA. 

The Event Measurer is there to check that certificates are valid and that sails have been measured, and competitors must not assume that the measurer will have the time to carry out any initial measurement of sails that are not already measured.

Please note that for a valid measurement, the Class Rule requires that any sail first measured after 1 May 2010 must have an ISMA sail royalty label.  Labels can be obtained from the ISMA Secretary, Tim Russell, by emailing (see

The Royal Yachting Association has approved a number of measurers for the class, any one of whom is authorised to measure Six Metres in the UK.  Their details are shown on the RYA’s website.

As of October 2020 the class measurers are:

SurnameFirst NameTownPhone NumberMobile NumberEmail address
ChiversDavidBrightlingsea01206 30510707860
YatesAndrewIsle of Wight 07887

In addition the RYA has no less than 90 approved sail measurers, any one of whom is authorised to measure sails for International Six Metres.  The current list of sail measurers is on the RYA’s website.

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