F99 Vert Gallant

Built and launched in 1934 for a British resident Mr Lennox on Lake Geneva, she transferred very quickly to the ownership of Hubert de Senoch Hand in 1935. This man is the son of the famous French Olympic Gold medalist, Virginie Heriot. The boat was based in Cannes.

Vert Gallant had several subsequent owners, Mr Avalli who renamed her Jade. She was almost entirely rebuilt in Manzone boatyard in Monaco between 1941 and 1945. Then it was Mr. Weisweiller who owned her as Philae III. He sold her in 1959 to Messers Romieux and Danglade in Marseille who renamed her Vert Galant III. These gentlemen engaged her in all the local regattas, sailing her at the time against Cabri (now Vingt And Apres), Woay and Dan. Pierre Le Mout bought her in 1974, and renamed her Satchmo but only kept her for a short time before selling her in 1977 to Jacques Chauveau, who returned her to the Vert Galant name. She has taken part in many regattas and been very successful.

Vert Galant is in excellent condition and was classified a Historical Monument in September 1993. She is now based in Noirmoutier. The boat has the BIP label (Heritage Boat of Interest) awarded by the French Foundation of Maritime and Inland Heritage.

Vert Galant has an impressive track record and racing often swept the top spots.

Photos galery : http://www.murella.fr/vertgalant/

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