F6 Normand III

Normand III was designed by Pierre Arbaut and built by the Chantiers de la Heve, Le Havre, in 1928 for the Draeger family (including Maurice and Charles), initially being owned by Jacques Draeger. They are a family of large publishers and printers of the Paris region. They sailed regularly in Le Havre and Deauville and had at least 4 NORMANDs.  In 1947 she was renamed Astree and later Noah and Rendez-Vous.

In 1992, Normand III was bought by an association of owners (who still own her today) in order to restore her and make her sail again. She had several names (Astree, Noah, Go …) and it is the current owners who reverted to her original name.  Well known to the British fleet, she took part in the 1994 European Championships at Benodet and in the Classic European Championships at Cowes in 1998, where she finished 7th.  Since 1993 she has been based in Noirmoutier and regularly wins local regattas.

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