USA 105 Jane Ann (aka MON 2)

According to Pelle Petterson, Jane Ann was originally designed and built by the Batbbyggarna Ab, Ronnang in 1985 as S 109 Irene VI, for his own use.  She was very soon sold and, renamed Gredelin, was owned by Brodena Rosen, who had the keel, wings and rudder done by Bergstrom Ridder.  He finished 30th out of 37 in the 1991 Worlds at Maarstrand and a much improved 12th out of 25 at the 1995 Worlds at Sandhamn.  After being purchased by Basil Vasilou in around 1999, he had her modernised and updated, with the wings and rudder brought up to date by Ian Howlett, and some keel reshaping by Hugh Welbourne.  The original mast and boom were also replaced with Howlett sections.  Basil finished 8th at St. Tropez in 2003, however winning the Coupe de Mediteranee.  Since then he has raced her regularly in the World and European Championships, with a best of 3rd at the 2006 Europeans at Flensburg.

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