BISMA Spring Update

  1. Sadly the proposed Spring Meeting and class dinner had to be cancelled for want of take up. The principal lesson to be learnt is, I think, that a mid-week London event can work for a class meeting, but that to link it to a class dinner for member, partners et al, is unrealistic. The question of whether, when and where to hold such a dinner requires further thought. Views would be welcome.

    In the email in which Julie informed everyone that the event was cancelled, she invited members to identify any matters that needed urgently to be addressed. That was with a view to an attempt to rearrange the meeting. In the event the only response was a request from Fenton as to who was proposing to attend the first leg of our Nationals at Yarmouth, which she answered in an email to all on 29th February. In those circumstances we decided that no real purpose would be served by attempting to fix another date, bearing in mind that a number of members were in any event planning to attend the ISMA Spring Meeting in Cowes on 9/10 March.

  2. ISMA
    BISMA hosted the Spring Meeting on 9/10 March which was well attended both by those representing fleets in a number of countries and by BISMA members. The minutes of the meeting are attached for your reference. The breadth of the discussion can be seen from the Agenda (copy annexed). Of particular note was the discussion as to the arrangements for the 2017 Worlds, currently planned to be held in Vancouver. There is considerable concern as to arrangements for the transportation of boats from Europe. Furthermore in this context I raised the problem that BISMA faces with regard to international events, in that attendance at such events can detract from our domestic programme, a tension which is not easy to resolve. But overall the conclusion to be drawn from the meeting is that 6 metre sailing world-wide is in reasonably good health.

  3. A further point arises for our consideration. In La Trinite last year we had indicated an interest in holding the 2021 Worlds in the UK, and event for which there is a rival bidder, Seawanhaka YC. But at present no bid has been made for the Europeans in 2020; and we have indicated an interest in holding that event rather than the Worlds in the following year. But in either event, we shall have to give consideration to the appropriate venue. Views would be appreciated.

  4. The first part of the British Championships is to be held at Yarmouth on 3rd - 5th June by special invitation as part of the Queens Jubilee Regatta being held by the Royal Solent Yacht Club, Yarmouth. It promises to be an exceptional event with an excellent social program to support the racing. It therefore presents a marvelous opportunity for us to promote the class. I am therefore very keen to maximise the number of 6mR's on the water to demonstrate that we are an active racing class. May I therefore urge everyone to do their utmost to attend. As Julie has confirmed in her various emails there will be RIBS there to meet us, to assist boats into the harbour and there is reserved space for us. These boats have committed to race at to British Open Championships: - Moderns: Scoundrel & St Kitts, Classics: BobKat, Erica, Nancy, Stardust, Thistle and Valdai.
    The Notice of Race and Sailing instructions will be published at the earliest opportunity. Full details of this and all other events for 2016 will be published on the BISMA website at Kindly respond to Julie's request for details of entrants, for numbers for the reception and/or Dinner on the Friday night, and for the Summer Chic Ball (and all the live entertainment) on Saturday evening. Further details will be forwarded as they are available.

  5. This year's Europeans at Brünnen promises to be well attended, and, from the experience of those who have previously taken part in events in Switzerland, to be extremely well run. Full details are on the website and also available at For those not going to Brünnen, registration is open for the Charles Stanley Cowes Classics week. The notice of race and information re registration can be found at

  6. As to the state of the home fleet, the Classic fleet is reasonably healthy. But the position of the Moderns is of continuing concern. We have of the order of 15 boats of which 6 could be regarded as active, but, as Robin Richardson has pointed out, only after taking international competition into account. So far as the local fleet activities are concerned, the position is very poor. The remaining boats are laid up, either being for sale or charter. The question is of course is that of the steps that can be taken to encourage participation and get existing boats out racing. As Robin puts it "Somehow we have to find a route to get them out of their sheds". As a first step we have decided to engage Fiona Brown, who has considerable experience in the field and did an excellent job in promoting the Europeans in Falmouth in 2014, to update our website. But all ideas would be most welcome.

  7. Finally I propose to fix the date for the AGM as either Sunday 20 or 27 November 2016. In recent years we have held it at the Royal Southern, but it has been suggested that we hold it at the Deer Park Country Hotel, Honiton, which we have done in the past, and which makes it considerably easier for West Country based members to attend. Again your thoughts would be welcome.

    Robert Owen 12th April 2016